Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More "Kyou Kara Maou" OVA News!

f you're a "Kyou Kara Maou"/"God (?) Save Our King" fan, you might as well save up your mucho dinero this early. October 26 marks the release of the first volume in the five-part "Kyou Kara Maou OVA". A special live event is planned for February 24, 2008 in Nippon Seinen-Kan in Tokyo, which would feature a talk show style interview with the original Japanese seiyuus. Plus, the voice talents will even be performing a vocal drama onstage live.

Also in conjunction with the release of the first OVA, there will be a special DVD Box of the first 11 episodes of the series. Set to hit video shelves on September 28, the DVD box has a lot of freebies including original cover art and postcards by original character designer Matsumoto Temari and animation character designer Kudo Yuka and a special CD of the live vocal drama performance from the 2004 Maou Birthday Festival.

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