Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kyou Kara Maou!/God(?) Save Our King!

If you're one of those fans who are hankering for more Kyou Kara Maou!/God(?) Save Our King!, you'll be delighted to know that a 5-episode OAV is currently in production in Japan.

Although very little is known about these OAVs, I've heard from a reliable source that joining Shibuya Yuuri, Wolfram von Bielefelt, Conrad Weller and co. in this limited series is King Saralegui of Small Shimaron, who was first introduced in the very popular KKM Playstation 2 Game and who has acquired quite a number of loyal female fans. Not surprising, since he is quite a cute bespectacled young blond who could give Wolfram a run for his money. If you want to see how he looks like, I highly recommend you proceed to Portrait of A Demon King at

Check out the link labeled "PS 2 Game Images". He's the long-haired blond guy wearing lavender shades. I must admit that what has made me curious is how Saralegui became quite a hunk from the old fart that he was in the series. Just check out the re-air of the episode where Yuuri was able to get the first Forbidden Box. Saralegui was the old guy being shown around by "Cropped Pony" Bad Guy Maxine.

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